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Heather Millard

Heather Millard grew up on a farm and has owned and trained dogs (mostly german shepherds) her whole life. She became certified as a Professional Dog Trainer in 2003 and has worked as a full-time dog trainer for the over 20 years since then.


She has also been an active competitor in the very challenging German dog sport of Schutzhund and has attained various titles on several dogs.


Heather currently owns Wrelek, a 7 year old working-line German Shepherd who is the family/ farm dog as well as Brawn a 2 year old German Shepherd male.

Sean Millard

Sean Millard has fourteen years experience handling and training working police canines. Since retiring his now passed male German shepherd, Jax, Sean has put his primary focus on raising, training and selling working dogs to police forces in Canada and the United States. He also helps to care for visiting dogs and assists in pet dog training.

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